While our team will work to get even the most challenged credit approved, there some basic parameters we want to share about how people get pre-approved for a car loan. In most cases your expenses, including your car loan and automobile insurance cannot be over 50% of you income before deductions and taxes. If you have a credit bureau beacon score plan on using some money down to cover Dallas TX sales tax and license charges. Normally, people that get approved have a steady stream of income or a full time job. But we know not everyone has this great story to tell right now.

In most cases, people that do not meet these requirements will qualify for a car loan with a co-signer or more money down at a buy here pay here car dealer. Regardless our team will assist you in getting the right loan for you and the best possible vehicle at lowest possible price. Some of our promises include:

  • Low Fico Scores Qualify
  • Low Cash Down Payments
  • Payments With Your Budget
  • Fast Replies To Your Email